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Q: Does the power to set suffrage requirements rest with the Congress?
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Can a president pass a bill by himself?

No, he needs most of the rest of Congress to approve it first.

Congress and states are denied the power to grant - of nobility?

congress and states are denied the power to grant _ of nobility Titles of nobility is where someone is given the right to live at the expense of the rest of the people. Like when prince Charles is made the prince of Wales, he gets the tax revenues from Wales. Basically Nobles are slaves masters and the subjects are the saves they farm. I also think that unfunded governmental retirement programs amount to defacto titles of nobility.

What are the four main criticisms of congress?

there are many criticisms of congress. and as long as there is a body of power at all, there will be criticisms. but out of the many aimed at congress, two stand out among the rest. Pork-Barrel spending and Interest groups being misused. i wouldn't know enough about either to justify giving you specifics, but you can look these two things up and find out many differing opinions on both subjects.

What presidents have used the line item veto?

No, not anymore. Congress passed The Line Item Veto Act of 1996, but the US Supreme Court declared the law unconstitutional in Clinton v. New York City, (1998), because they considered it to be a violation of Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution. The Constitution vests Congress with the power to craft legislation; the President can sign, or refuse to sign, only the entire packaged bill.Several State Governors have this power,

What was the background of the Cabinet Mission Plan what did it envisage for the eventual transfer of power Give reasons for its failure?

Cabinet Mission was a high powered delegation of British officials that visited India in 1946 to discuss power transfer from British to Indian leadership. Its aim was to devise a plan for transfer of power, establishing a body for constitution and setting up of an executive council to oversee these matters in consultation with local leadership. Cabinet mission suggested of dividing India into three groups with a central government in Delhi that would control defense , currency, and diplomacy and rest of the matters would be provincial subjects. Indian National Congress rejected the plan as it had suggested division of India. Muslim league was however more eager to accept the plan but rejection of Congress meant the mission returned failed.

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Who challenges political powers of governments?

The congress is the one who holds political power but the president holds the rest of the power because of his honor ship

How did bush abuse his power while president?

He didn't or else you can rest assure that the Democratically controlled Congress would have held Impeachment proceedings.

Why is congress not called the continental congress?

the continental congress was for the delegates of the thirteen colonies because they thought that they were the entire continent and the congress is only for america not the rest of the continent

What article of the constitution describe congress?

Article one describes congress and the rest of the legislative branch of our government.

Why are there 3 committees in congress?

Ways and Means... I don't know the rest

Does Congress have the power to make war?

No, congress doesn't have the power to make war; atleast not on their own. They have to have the vote of the rest of government in order to follow through with this deadly act of insanity. War sucks, therefore, don't involve yourself in it. Take soldiers out of Iraq. They're all going to die in the end if we don't get out of there now! Thank you. Peace and Love. <3

Who leads the house of representativs?

The leader of the house. Who ever is voted in by the rest of congress.

What AFI lists work rest cycle requirements?

Afi 21-101

A device or circuit that provides power to the rest of the circuit or system is called what?

A device or circuit that provides power to the rest of the circuit or system is called a power supply,

What does ordering a bill reported mean?

When a subcommittee reads its recommendation to the rest of their house of Congress

What did the confederate want in the civil war?

To be recognised by Congress and the rest of the world as a sovereign nation.

Who has the power to create the rest of the constitution besides the supreme court?

You proceed from a false assumption. The Supreme Court does not have the power to "create the rest of the constitution".