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No, after the president's term is over, the Secret Service destroys the limo to maintain secrecy of its armor infrastructure

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Q: Does the president get to keep his limo?
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Cost of president limo?

The presidential limo now cost $300,000.

What is the cost of a limo?

Is it about £5000 to buy a limo people?? and to keep aswell

Did President Bush get out of Limo and walk the inauguration parade?

President Bush did get out of the limo and walk the inaugural parade. The parade took place on January 20, 2001.

What is the name of the limo that was created for President Obama?

The motor cab

On sims 2 pets how do you get to go in a limo to your job?

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What episode on The Dukes Of Hazzard did Bo Duke get the hiccups?

Limo One is Missing. This is where Cooter steals President Carter's Limo and the boys help him out.

What is the singular possessive of president?

The possessive form of the singular noun president is president's.Example: A crowd of reporters met the president's limo.

How did President Obama's limo get to England?

probobly carrier over by plane

What car does the president drive?

He rides in a customized Cadillac limo equipped by the Secret Service.

How strong is the president's limo?

Because the president (any president) requires a superior level of security whenever he travels, the presidential limo (currently a Cadillac) is specially fitted to provide that security. The exact details are not made public, but we do know it has armor plating and other features that make it resistant to an attack.

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