Does the sport elec work

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sport - elec is the best unique patented and approved belt existed in the US market & FDA Cleared! The Sport Elec has beed cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration, other devices have not.Sport-Elec Shape and Tone Body Control System can be used just minutes a day to achieve firmer, tighter and toned abs without time consuming sit-ups or crunches. Clinical studies show Sport-Elec To Tone, Tighten, Firm and Strengthen Abs for both Men and Women in all fitness levels both beginner and expert. Simply wrap Sport-Elec for 4 levels of exercise instantly. Revolutionary patented technology, targets the entire abdominal area. Over 2 Million sold worldwide.

What Experts say about the SPORT-ELEC EMS belt:

  • 205% Increased Abdominal Endurance in the stimulation group over a 2 week period.
  • 110% Improvement Rate for Women on Body Satisfaction Scale.
  • 89% of subjects felt "more toned" after 2 week testing period.
  • 80% of subject felt "more firm" after 2 week testing period.
I am satisfied by the product whatever the use: cellulite , to relieve Back pain. I use Sport-Elec and am completely satisfied. It allows me to go no longer to my physiotherapist who has the same device as me. So, it is a sort of fuel economy as a 3 x per week I had to do 50 kms! And since 1 year and half! I'll buy new electrodes. And I advise this device.
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Q: Does the sport elec work
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