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No, certainly not. As long as the minimum age qualification is met, age doesn't matter.

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Q: Does the vice president have to be the same age as the president?
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Are the requirments to be vice president same as president?

Yes, the same for a vice-president.

What is the age requirement for a person to become vice president of US?

The VP has to be at least 35, same as the President.

What are the requirements to become vice president?

Requirements to becoming vice president of the United States: 35 years of age Born in the U.S. and sorry that's all I know :(

Are the qualifications for the President and Vice President are the same except for age?

Yes, the Constitution states in Clause 4 of the 12th Amendment, the amendment that established vice presidential elections,"... no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States."

When do the vice president gets the same money pay as the president?

when the vice president in the seat of president in the absence of the president, at that time the vice president will become eligible for getting the same salary of president.

What is a Group Vice President?

In USA executive ranks, a Group Vice President is at the same level as an Executive Vice President. A Group Vice President ranks above a Senior Vice President and a Vice President, and will typically have multiple Senior Vice Presidents and/or Vice Presidents reporting to them.

Why the president must be the same the qualification of vice president?

because the vice president can become president at any moment

Who needs to have the same requirements as the president?

A vice president

What is the length of the term of the vice president?

The Vice-president's term is the same as the President, 4 years.

The twelfth amendment guarantees that the president and vice president will be from the same?

The Twelfth Amendment under the current party system guarantees that the president and vice president will be from the same party.

How many years is a person vice president?

The Vice President serves the same 4 year term as the President.

If vice dies who becomes president?

okay if vice dies the president would still be the same.