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draft dodgers are also called what

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Q: Draft dodgers are also called what?
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In 1977 President Jimmy Carter pardoned the crimes of the Vietnam War draft evaders when he granted to them.?

Jimmy Carter issued an amnesty to all Draft Dodgers in 1977 as part of his policy of cultural reconciliation since the war in Vietnam was over.

Who were the people selected to draft the Declaration of Independence?

The so-called Committee of Five that was selected to draft the Declaration consisted of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert R. Livingston and Roger Sherman. Jefferson did the entire initial draft. Adams and Franklin made some changes before it was submitted to Congress. Sherman and Livingston did not contribute to the drafting itself.

Who did Jefferson show the first draft of the declaration to?

Jefferson showed the first draft to Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. He wrote the first draft in only 2 days.

Who composed the first draft of the declaration of independence?

Thomas Jefferson wrote Almost the entire first draft.

Whose handwriting is on the Declaration of independence?

Timothy Matlack. The Declaration as we know it today is what is called an "engrossed copy". After Jefferson's rough draft was edited by Adams and Franklin first, then by the Convention, a final version was agreed upon. The document with all the editing was in Jefferson's handwriting, but an official final draft had to be made. The edited version was given to Timothy Matlack and he wrote the Declaration in larger letters and on a larger piece of paper to be the official draft to go to the printer.

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Who is a person that fled the Vietnam War draft?

They were called "Draft Dodgers."

What were the opponets of the Vietnam war called?

Draft dodgers, Doves, Hippies, Protesters, etc.

Who pardoned Vietnam draft dodgers'?

Jimmy Carter pardoned the Vietnam draft dodgers

Conscription is also called the?


How do people see the civil war draft laws now?

They can see why the Northern law of rich families paying a substitute was wrong. It not only caused resentment of rich young men who were seen as draft dodgers. It also brought in men who had obviously been real draft-dodgers the first time around, and who would now keep deserting and re-enlisting to quality for the high bounties that were on offer. (These men were called Bounty Jumpers.)

What affect did draft dodgers have on their families?

Split the families.

What did they do with draft dodgers?

About 4,000 of them went to federal prison.

Who prosecuted Vietnam draft dodgers?

Federal Courts.

Who gave amnesty to draft dodgers?

jack squatter

How long did the draft dodgers go to person?

The length of time that draft dodgers went to prison varied greatly depending on the individual circumstances. Some draft dodgers faced no prison time at all if they were able to avoid detection or if they were granted amnesty. Others who were caught and convicted could face anywhere from a few months to several years in prison. Overall, there was no standard length of time for draft dodgers to go to prison as it depended on individual cases and legal outcomes.

How long do draft dodgers serve in prison?

at least for the duration of the war, minumum 3 years however, maximum life as you could be tried for treason for draft dodging, general about 50% of draft dodgers serve a 10-15 year sentence. In veitnam, draft dodgers were incarcirated for the duration of the war plus an additional sentence of 4-6 years was assessed at the completion of the war in most cases..however there are still about 3-5 percent of draft dodgers from veitnam that are still incarcerated.

Where did the draft dodgers tend to go?

they tended to flee to Canada