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The Great Chain of Being

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Q: During Defoe's time what line of thinking greatly affected personal choice within the British societying?
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The Stamp Act of 1765 affected who?

It affected the British colonies in America, as it..... well...... made the price for stamps and other printed material go up.

How did the British efforts to regain their market for manufacturers affect America's industries?

The British sought to regain their market for manufacturers negatively affected America's industries. The British policies mandated only British ships can unload in British harbors, creating more work for the American shippers.

How would you explain the behavior of the people between 1776?

Despite our thinking that the entire population of the colonies was up in arms against the British this is not true. Just like today on various issues people were for, against, and neutral concerning a revolution. There was a small body of men who wanted to have revolution and they had been working on creating stories and problems about the British for years . The Boston massacre is a perfect example of this. The handbills passed out showed the British soldiers shooting unarmed colonial men. This was pure propaganda and made to influence thinking about the British and inciting a case for revolution. Many people stayed out of the war or were pulled into it because of an event that affected their lives and they had no choice. The British did some very awful things to colonists they found or to towns they came into. One report that I read told of a British patrol rounding up a group of colonists and locking them in a barn then setting the barn on fire. Imagine if you were a son or daughter of a person in the barn. That could move you to fight for the revolution.

The Great Awakening of the Mid-1700's affected the british colonies by?

Encouraging greater religious enthusiasm and political independence.

Why did British attack breeds hill?

The British wanted to attack bunker hill because from bunker hill all of Boston could be hit by cannon fire. However because of a mistake they attacked breeds hill thinking it was bunker hill.

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During Defoe's time what line of thinking greatly affected personal choice within the British society?

The Great Chain of Being

During Defoe's what line of thinking greatly affected personal choice within the British society?

Defoe's emphasis on individualism and self-reliance greatly influenced personal choice within British society. He believed that individuals should take responsibility for their own actions and decisions, leading to a shift in mindset towards independence and personal agency. This mindset contributed to the development of a more individualistic society in Britain during Defoe's time.

British laws that affected the colonies were made by?

British laws that affected the colonies were made by the King and the British Parliament. The colonists had no voice in the laws.

How has british immigration affected us as canadians?

we now us british methods

Where in England was affected by the black death?

All of Europe and the British Isles were affected no one was spared.

Are British people are affected Malaria?

You won't catch malaria in Britain because we don't have mosquitos but British people can be affected by it if they have been to a country where it can be caught.

Who was affected by British forts in the Northwest Territory?

house wives and other not so important people were affected by the british forts. The British set fire to the houses and raped all the women and children. The men were left with nothing. So in reality it was the citizens of the nation, especially the men who were affected.

What british animals are affected by deforestation?

how does deforestation in british columbia, canada affect the habitat of animals

What were the Metis were a mixture of British or French and Indians?

it was the British and Indians i am thinking. i could be wrong though

Boston massacre reaction to colonists and british?

Colonists were thinking that the British were savage and more rebellions broke out.

How did the British used direct rule in Cameroon?

thats what i was thinking to.

What has the author Adrian Seligman written?

Adrian Seligman has written: 'War in the Islands' -- subject(s): British Naval operations, British Personal narratives, Naval operations, British, Personal narratives, British, World War, 1939-1945