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Q: During Washington's term what did Congress pass on goods from Europe?
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List 4 goods and diseases brought to europe during the columbian exchange?

The 4 goods and diseases brought to Europe during the Colombian Exchange included tomatoes, maize, potatoes, livestock, while the diseases included sickle cell anemia, Measles, smallpox, and Yellow fever.

During the Stamp Act Congress colonists signed the Non-importation Agreement that implied what?

Colonists refused to buy British goods

What did the europeans send to Africa during the triangular trade?

In the triangular trade route, there were 3 main points of trading- Africa, Europe, and America. Manufactured goods went from Europe to Africa, slaves went from Africa to the Americas, and luxury goods from the Americas to Europe.

Why did crafts people become more important during the renaissance?

Because Merchants traded their goods all over Europe.

Can congress tax goods being exported from a state?


Why were Asian goods so valuable in Europe?

because they were hard to get in Europe

Why were Southerners upset by the level of tariffs in 1828?

They depended on goods from Europe.

Who where the people who carried goods from Europe to west African Empires?

The people that carried goods from Europe to west African empires were Portuguese people.

What was the nickname given to high fees charged for manufactured goods from Europe?

what was the nickname given to high fee charged for manufactured goods from Europe

What did the triangular trade route look like?

The traingular trade route was in the shape of a triangle. Goods from Europe were shipped to Africa, goods from Africa were shipped to the Americas, and goods from the Americas were shipped to Europe.

What was the most important action of the continental congress took to protest The Intolerable Acts?

The most important action taken by the Continental Congress to protest the Intolerable Acts was the formation of the First Continental Congress in 1774. During this meeting, delegates from twelve out of the thirteen colonies came together to discuss their grievances and plan a unified response to the British government. It was during this congress that agreements were made to boycott British goods, support non-importation agreements, and prepare militias for potential conflict with British forces.

In which ways did Latin America diverge from Europe during the 19th century?

There was only a very limited market for manufactured goods developed in Latin America.