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They didn't need to be, a loyalist normally was a colonist who was loyal to the British. The British were already British so they were already loyal to King George, unless there were some that weren't.

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Q: During colonial times were the british soldiers loyalists?
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What was not a strength of the British forces during the American Revolution?

One disadvantage towards the Loyalists (the British) was that their soldiers were mercenaries which means that they fought for money, while the Patriots (the Americans) had soldiers who fought for freedom.

Which group of people in colonial Virginia would not have supported the fight against great Britain?

About 15 to 20 percent of the population supported the British Crown during the war, and were known as Loyalists (or Tories). Loyalists fielded perhaps 50,000 men during the war years in support of the British Empire.

What did the loyalists do during the Revolution?

Assuming that you are talking about the American Revolution, the loyalists were those who did not want to become independent from Great Britain. They did many things, such as ratting out other colonists who were against the British Parliament. They also would help out British soldiers by providing them with food, shelter, and medical treatment during the war.

What nationality were the Loyalists during the American Revolution?

They were the british.

Loyalists were around during witch war?

During the American Revolution, loyalists were the colonists who had decided to stay 'loyal' to the British crown.

Who were the Loyalists loyal to?

To many parts of the British Empire including what is today Southern Ontario.

During the off seasons of the French and Indian War British soldiers needed quarters Thus they were sheltered where?

In private colonial homes

What amendment applies quartering of British soldiers in private homes during the colonial period?

The 3 rd ammendment

Was a loyalist was someone who supported the Colonies during the Revolutionary War?


What were those who supported the British cause during the American Revolution called?

they could have been called loyalists im not sure

What were the Americans who sided with the British during the War for Independence known as?


Americans who sided with the British during the War for Independence were known as what?