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The inability of the United States to repay its debt.

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Q: During the confederation period relations with France were strained because of what?
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During the confederation period relations with France were strained because?

Because any relationship is strained when one party is on their period.

Relations with which of the following countries were tense during the Confederation period?

relations with all of these countries were tense

What country had tense relations with the US during the Confederation period?


What countries were tense during the confederation period?

Relations with all these countries were tense.

What was detente?

the easing of tensions or strained relations (especially between nations).

Relations with Britain during the confederation period could best be characterized as?

polite but cold

Relations between Cuba and the Spanish during the Spanish American War?

Strained at best, routinely hostile and often downright nasty.

What strained relations between the Kongo kingdom and Portugal during afosos rule?

the slave trade caused the collapse of relations between the kongo kingdom and portugal.

What is Dtente?

decrease in tension during the cold war1: the relaxation of strained relations or tensions (as between nations); also : a policy promoting this2: a period of détente

Who was the leader of Cuba during the 1970's?

Fidel Castro was the leader of Cuba during the 1970s. Relations between the U.S. and Cuba were strained due to Communism, the Bay of Pigs, embargoes, and assassination attempts.

What are facts about the main idea relations between the US and the Soviet Union were strained during the war and became even more tense as time passed?

it isnt good not worth it

Under what document were the American colonies loosely bound during the revolutionary war?

"Articles of Confederation" OR "confederation" or "the Articles of Confederation"