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rotten boroughs

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Q: Early English parliamentary constituencies with very few voters?
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What was the name of Early English parliamentary constituencies with few voters?


Did the ten commandments of the ancient hebrews have the most influence on western parliamentary?

No. The Parliamentary system developed primarily from the English arrangements between king an barons. The Christian church did have influence of course in many ways and that would have included the ten commandments, but the commandments are not reflected in the parliamentary systems that were developed. Even the legal systems were more based in Roman law and early English law.

Can voters vote early if they know they are going to be gone on voting day?

Yes, voters can vote early. You will need to visit your election committee to get an early vote ballot.

What group made up the greatest proportion of voters in the early 1800's?

The group that made up the greatest proportion of voters in the early 1800's was white men with property.

Why was the name Cavalier given to Royalists in the English Civil War?

I think cavalier is derived from the French 'chevalier', Horseman. The Royalist cavalry, at least in the early years of the war, were supierior to the Parliamentary force.

What type of government did Italy have in 1900's?

Italy had a parliamentary government in the early 1900s. Benito Mussolini then established a fascist dictatorship in the early 1920s.

Is china parliamentary or presidential?

The United Kingdom has a parliamentary system.

Which was a reason for promoting education reform in the early 1800s?

to make sure Americans were well-educated voters

What were the two most important models of European political development in the early modern period?

parliamentary monarchy and political absolutism

What langauage was early English drama preformed in?

English or Latin. Early plays were written in both.

How do you say since in Early Modern English?

The word since existed in Early Modern English.

When was Early English Text Society created?

Early English Text Society was created in 1864.