Effect of population

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The older generation that is retiring is larger than the younger generation in most western countries, which is why social security and FICA need to be fixed so they don't run out. There are enough resources to go around, but a lot of poverty is caused by lack of education and corporate greed.

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it increased or decreased

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Q: Effect of population
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What is the effect of a limiting on a population?

The population decreases.

What is one effect of effect of immigration on population living in an ecosystem?

The population will decrease-- APEX

What is population effect?

Camera Effects's population is 27.

What effect did Jacques Cartier have on the population of France?

The effect that Jacques Cartier had on the population of France was virtually nil.

What things effect population numbers?

Things that effect population are competition for food, also known as survival of the fittest. Starvation, hunting, and over population.

What is the effect of a limiting factor on a population?

The population decreases.

What is the effect the effect the population having on the envioment?

population can effect the environment because more people are going to litter so its going to kill more animals

What is genic drift?

Genetic drift is change in allele frequencies due to random chance events. Two types are the Founder effect and the Bottleneck effect. The founder effect is when a subset of a population goes to a new are where there are no other of that same species. The bottleneck effect is when a large population is reduced to a small population. Genetic drift decreases variation in a population and has a greater effect on a smaller population than a larger one.

How does war effect geography?

it can effect population and thats about all i know

How can discovery of oil can effect population growth rate?

when country have discovers oil, its get money which effect in increases in population growth, which ultimately increase population growth rate

Does movement of people between countries have effect on total world population?

There is no effect on total world population. The only 2 things that have an effect on world population are births and deaths.

What was the effect of the high natural fertility of the colonial population?

population growth