Example of a cartel

Updated: 8/22/2023
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An example of a cartel would be OPEC. Hope this helps, Hershey

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Q: Example of a cartel
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What is OPEC is an example?

OPEC is an example of a cartel. Hope this helps, Hershey

What is The operation of an oil cartel in the Middle East is perceived by some to be an example of market failure?

we first can talk about the cartel, and then we have to say the meaning of monopoly and how this cartel seems it is monopoly but it is not and talk about the market failure

What is OPEC an example of?

OPEC is an example of a cartel, where member countries come together to coordinate and control oil production levels in order to stabilize prices and ensure their collective interests are met.

Is cartel masculine or feminine?

Is cartel masculine or feminine

Is IATA an example of a cartel?

The commercial arm of IATA, the BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan) which is the crown jewel of IATA and controls over 350B$ in annual ticket sale invoices is definitively a Cartel.

Why cartel fails?

cartel is formed by few sellers when they want to maximise profit ,what is the advantage of forming a cartel?

What is the duration of The Cartel?

The duration of The Cartel is 1.5 hours.

Is cartel feminine?

No, the word "cartel" is masculine in Spanish.

What is a cartel and is such merger profitable?

A cartel is a joing of all business of same sort to form a single business. Cartel mergers are profitable. For example there are three firms which behave as a cartel, if all firms collude to act as a single firm, the merger will be profitable in oligopolistic industries. It will ensure the firm will gain an economic profit and will eventually drive off the weaker firm and the price benifit will go to consumers. (Term cartel is used when similar businesses merge to form a single business, a monopoly).

Which Mexican cartel controls mexicali?

i believe its the Sinaloa cartel

How tall is Macy Cartel?

Macy Cartel is 5' 8".

When was Tijuana Cartel created?

Tijuana Cartel was created in 1989.