Example of an executive power given to the governor?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Some of the examples of an executive power given to the governor is that he may demand for budget cuts.

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Q: Example of an executive power given to the governor?
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The power of the govenor to call a special session of the legislature is an example of a legislative power?

NO it is not. The Governor of a State is the head of the EXECUTIVE branch.It is therefore an example of EXECUTIVE POWER.

Who was given the executive power was given to?

The executive power of the US was given to the president.

The executive power belongs to the?

The president.

Are there limitations on the Supreme Executive power of the governor of Illinois?


Why doesn't the Texas governor have a cabinet?

To limit the power of the Executive

Who holds the supreme executive power of the state?

Governor for the state.

The plural executive has been criticized because it?

limits the executive power of the governor to implement policy

Executive power was given to?

the president

Who has executive power in Florida?

In the US state of Florida, the top executive with a good deal of power is the governor. This is true with all states within the USA.

An executive branch in which power is fragmented because the election a statewide officeholders is independent of the election of a governor is known as a?

Plural Executive

What power do governor have?

Strictly, a U.S. State governor has no judicial powers, because the Governor is the chief executive and not the chief justice of the State.Among the most prominent of a Governor's quasi-judicial power is the power of clemency, to stay an execution of a sentence of capital punishment.

Who was Oklahoma's first Mayor?

Oklahoma was a territory and then a state with executive power vested in a Governor. Mayors have executive control of towns and cities.