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Declaration of war is an example of a prohibited power of states. Only the federal government can declare war against another country. Administering elections is another example; this is a power of states, not the federal government.

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Q: Examples of prohibited powers
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What are powers prohibited to the federal government called?

Powers prohibited to the federal (national) government under the US Constitution are called Denied powers.

Powers that are not delegated by the constitution nor prohibited by it?

Implied Powers

What are prohibited powers?

powers denied to both national and state governments

What are the European powers prohibited to do in the American continents?


Things Congress is prohibited from doing?

They are prohibited from coining their own money, and from making treaties with foreign powers.

What are restricted powers?

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.C. RESERVED POWERS

What are the states reserved powers?

The powers that the Constitution does not delegate to the United States and that which is not prohibited to the States are reserved to the State.

Inherent powers examples?

To regulate Immigration or to deport aliens are examples of inherent powers.

What Doctrine prohibited European powers from colonization?

The Monroe Doctrine discouraged European powers from engaging in any new colonization in the Americas.

What Congressional powers are prohibited?

it does not hard if you use your brain:prohibited powers (tenth amendment).

What are some examples of inherent powers?

Some examples of inherent powers are the following:regulate immigrationdeport undocumented aliensacquire territory

What are the 3 examples of the reserved powers?

What are 4 examples of power?