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the 14th amendment clearly stated that sexual intercourse was to be had with a toad in the room with you. Later in 1801 it was repealed because doctors claimed this act to be unsanitary,disgusting,and un nesesary.

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Q: Explain the impact of the Fouteenth Amendment on segregation and the plantiffs' complaint?
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The electors of the party were required to assert their allegiance. The plantiffs in the lawsuit assert that the defendant swindled them.

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Furman v. Georgia, 408 US 238 (1972)Furman was a consolidation of three death penalty cases that challenged the constitutionality of capital punishment under the Eighth Amendment, cruel and unusual punishment.The plaintiffs:Furman v. Georgia, William Henry FurmanJackson v. Georgia, Lucious JacksonBranch v. Texas, Elmer Branch

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Why was the specific individual chosen for the case of milliken versus bradley?

My mother Blanche E. Goings and Vera Bradley were friends and they worked together to try to improve the implorable conditions at Clinton Elementary where I attended school. When they went to file the case they were told that they were not the actual plantiffs but the children were. The Bradley child was chosen because he was the youngest and I was an additional plantiff.

What does order granting plaintiffs motion for nonsuit mean?

When someone brings a suit against another person or entity, they can file a Notice of Non-Suit. That is, they can dismiss their own case. A Notice of Non-Suit says that the plaintiff prefers not to pursue the cause any further. An order granting the plantiffs motion for nonsuit is signed by the judge saying that the judge received the order of Nonsuit and will dismiss the case without prejudice.

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Can Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council be sued?

As with anything, anyone including governmental organizations CAN be sued. There are several issues that would have to be decided by the judge assigned the case. The first is; does the organization have "official immunity" or "soverign immunity" Basically, this means does being a part of state government give them immunity from any civil suit. Usually, the answer is yes they have limited immunity if not full immunity which brings up other questions a judge has to answer before the case can move forward. Case law as well as common law states that most often a "citizen" cannot sue themselves as is the case when you sue a government entity. More court cases have held that even as bad as a case maybe, unless you can show negligence on the part of the entity or one of its representatives, the body cannot be sued. And then there is the case law that says the entity has to give permission to the plantiff to be sued which is what the federal government is often faced with. Few cases involving the federal government get out of mediation or make it to trial because the feds often do not allow plantiffs to sue or they reach a settlement out of the judiciary for various reasons. Bottom line is it is extremely difficult to sue a government body unless there is gross negligence.