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The social movement that occurred between the the public started to abolish the slavery in several states, but in other states like the south states wanted to project the idea of slavery of slave due to their plantation and needed the slaves to do the whites people basic work efforts. As for women movement to equality, Abigail Adams made the idea know that women should have a right during the revolution but after the revolution women were treated and respected the same way. But the women also ha to contribute the idea of " civic virtue " which represented the idea of women teaching their kids what they own to the government, and what the government owns them. Politically the government only concern was to create a good government and wanted everyone to have their rights protect, and contributed the idea of "All men are created equal". This social and racial inequalities remained due to the basic belief of each state.

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Q: Explain the political and social movement toward equality that flourished after the revolution and understand why certain social and racial inequalities remained in place.?
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