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importance of micro planning

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Q: Explain the significance and issues in micro level planning?
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What kind of powers of government can county commissioners exercise?

County government function at the domestic level. While national issues are left to higher powers, county governments are restricted to issues of education, local law enforcement, economic development, and urban planning.

What are the primary issues in the legislative process at state level?

State legislatures have to make decisions on immigration, budgeting, and education. They have to choose to resolve issues that are important for their own individual state.

Why do educational researchers usually use the .05 level of significance?

According to the electronic textbook StatSoft, "one could say that the statistical significance of a result tells us something about the degree to which the result is "true" (in the sense of being "representative of the population"). More technically, the value of the p-value represents a decreasing index of the reliability of a result." A 0.05 level significance is the standard margin of error recognized in most areas of reseachers, meaning that probability of error that is involved for most reseachers is 5% their results.StatSoft. (1984-2008). Elementary concepts in statistics. Retrieved 21 May 2009 from

What is getting signatures on a petition so that a third-party candidate can get on the ballot for governor. Diane is participating in civic issues on a?

You need to answer this question because we don’t do homework . Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills.

How did farmers raise their issues from the local level to national politics?

Even allowing for political hyperbole, the Populist claim was essentially true. The Populist Party, like many American institutions at that time, was divided internally over issues of race, geography, economic orientationBut in that platform of 1892 they laid out a program of reform designed to help the small farmer, the small businessman and all others who saw themselves

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Explain in brief meaning and scope of grassroots level planning?

Grassroots level planning may be defined as the form of planning lower institutional levels.

How can you explain the significance level of at statistics?

Significance Level (Alpha Level): If the level is set a .05, it means the statistician is acknowledging that there is a 5% chance the results of the findings will lead them to an incorrect conclusion.

Explain the significance of employee selection?

Employee selection is generally done by the upper level management. They use the selection process to identify key players in the company.

List the 5 steps of hypothesis testing and explain the procedure and logic of each Specify the null and alternative hypothesis Select a significance level typically 0.05 or the 0.01 level is used?

what is an example of a hypothses about compensation?

What is another name for the probability of observing a sample value at least as extreme as a given on under a null hypothesis?

The significance level of the observation - under the null hypothesis. The significance level of the observation - under the null hypothesis. The significance level of the observation - under the null hypothesis. The significance level of the observation - under the null hypothesis.

Are all scientific hypotheses tested at 1 level of significance?

No, not all scientific hypotheses which are tested at level 1 are of significance.

What is the importance of the level of significance of study findings in a quantitative research report?

What is the importance of the level of significance of study findings in a quantitative research report

What do you mean by level of significance?

it meaNs to love

Why null hypothesis it is tested at 0.05 level of significance?

A significance level of 0.05 is commonly used in hypothesis testing as it provides a balance between Type I and Type II errors. Setting the significance level at 0.05 means that there is a 5% chance of rejecting the null hypothesis when it is actually true. This level is widely accepted in many fields as a standard threshold for determining statistical significance.

Explain why both short-term and long-term planning are important?

short term is financial asset used to run business at the market level whereas longterm is to invest to get maximum profit.

What are the level of tourism planning?

The five levels of tourism planning are:InternationalNationalRegionalSub-regionalFacility or site

Why is the level of significance always small?

The significance level is always small because significance levels tell you if you can reject the null-hypothesis or if you cannot reject the null-hypothesis in a hypothesis test. The thought behind this is that if your p-value, or the probability of getting a value at least as extreme as the one observed, is smaller than the significance level, then the null hypothesis can be rejected. If the significance level was larger, then statisticians would reject the accuracy of hypotheses without proper reason.