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Q: Explain to be great is to be misunderstood'?
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What does Emerson think of people who calls for consistency in thought and action and who fear being misunderstood?

He thinks they are cowards. He said himself to be misunderstood is great.

When we re-examined the regulations, we realized that we had ……………… and misunderstood them and that was the main reason for such great argument?


Discuss satin as great figure of epic dimension and admiration and sympathy for satin misunderstood?

satin is wonderful, the type of cloth satin is is exquisite and is generally misunderstood for its softness/smoothness .

Do you agree with Emerson that to be great is to be misunderstood. Why or why not?

when you are more wise people interpret your words incorrectly

What do I do when a girl says your dating her when your not and your dating other people?

Explain to her that she must of misunderstood and no hard feelings, she might be upset but don't lie in a relationship.

How do you use misunderstood in a sentence?

She often felt misunderstood by her colleagues, who didn't appreciate her unique approach to problem-solving.

Can you give a example of misunderstood in a sentence?

She misunderstood him.

When was The Misunderstood created?

The Misunderstood was created in 1965.

What is the past participle of misunderstand?

misunderstood. I have misunderstood your question.

When are snakes misunderstood?

snakes are misunderstood when they are around people, and in peoples houses.

What is the duration of A Misunderstood Boy?

The duration of A Misunderstood Boy is 1020.0 seconds.

How do you say misunderstood in french?

you misunderstood me: vous m'avez mal compris