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Q: Explain what representation has to do with taxation?
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What are some slogans for the stamp act?

i'm pretty sure it was "No Taxation Without Representation."

What was the battle cry colonists said to explain how unfair british taxes were?

Taxation without Representation

Which was the common slogan used by colonists to express anger towards the British taxes?

"No Taxation Without Representation!" was the phrase.

What Famous quote that explain why the colonist were upset?

I'm not sure if this is the one you looking for but "Taxation without Representation"

What slogan did the coloniests use to show their irritation with the British Parliament?

They used the slogan "No taxation without representation" against the British as they had nobody to represent them in the British Parliament.

What was the colonist's slogan about british taxes?

"No taxation without representation."

What was a rallying point for the revolutionaries of France?

taxation without representation

Explain the idea of No Taxation without Representation and does it apply to the US today?

It means that nobody should be taxed if they cannot vote.

Who is the Massachusetts lawyer who said Taxation without representation is tyranny?

James Otis Jr. (1725-1783) is the lawyer who argued that "taxation without representation is tyranny" during a Boston town meeting in 1765 protesting the Sugar Act (1764).

No taxation without representation was a response to no representation in?


What was virtual representation and how did it effect the colonies?

No taxation without representation.

Boston radical who won introduced the phrase no taxation with representation?

James Otis, but the quote is "Taxation without representation is tyranny."