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It is considered as a tool of Imperialism to exploit Latin America. There are also many concerns regarding copyrights and patents. Local communities and their rich heritage would be affected and causes concerns.

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because those Americans won't give us any internet money

or maybe because NAFTA bends us over and f*cks us repeatedly in the a$s for oil, softwood lumber, and potable water

70% of US oil comes from Canada - Why are they fighting in the Mid-East? Why is their gas cheaper than ours?

Because Americans are f*cks and our politicians up here are stupid - thank you Mulroney you big chinned f*ck.

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Some Canadians fear that their economy is too dependent on the United States. They worry that the American economy is so large that it will dominate the partnership.

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The agreement would hurt U.S. worker.

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Q: Explain why some Canadians worry about NAFTA?
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Do some Canadians worry about NAFTA?

I doubt it, because it benefits them too.

Why some canadians worry about nafta?

They fear there economy is too dependent on the United States

Why do some canadians worry about NAFTA?

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Is Mexico part of NAFTA?

Yes, NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) was signed between Canada, the United States, and Mexico. However, some parts of Mexico, such as Zapatista communities in Chiapas, resist NAFTA because it steals their land.

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