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Well the American System consisted of:

BUS: This Bank only helped the North in a whole. The West liked the local banks, and hated the BUS because they believed it was only for the rich.

Tariff of 1816: This Tariff totally disrupted trade for the South leaving them negatively impacted. They were doing horrible. The North enjoyed this because their industries boomed due to no foreign competition. The tax was roughly 25%!

Internal Improvements (roads, Canals): These were primarily benefiting the West. These roads would get people from the North and South to move to the West. Therefore the South and North hated it.

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The national Bank would keep this American System running smoothly by providing a national currency. This way, self-sufficiency would be achieved at a faster pace, Tariffs were designed to promote American manufacturing, and raise revenue for internal improvements. The revenue and manufacturing would make the US more self-reliant; they would buy less from Europe the more revenue they made, and from the revenue of protective tariffs, a national transportation system would be built, which would allow citizens and traders from each part of the country to travel get together easier, promoting nationalism and uniting the North, South, and West

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Q: Explain why the American system promoted sectionalism?
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