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They bribed state and local officials in return for government appointments.

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Q: Explains how political bosses were able to gain and maintain power?
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Were political bosses a help or menace to the cities they ran?

Most political bosses were a menace to their cities. They were just in it for the money and to hold power.

How did urban political machine gain power and how did immigrants middle class reformers and political bosses view them?


How did urban political machines gain power and how did immigrants middle-class reformers and political bosses view them?


Why do you think political parties are not as powerful as they were in the past?

Primary elections have taken away some of the power of party bosses.

What is the main idea of the document why the ward boss rules?

The main idea of the document "Why the Ward Boss Rules" is to explain the significance of ward bosses in urban political machines in the early 20th century United States. It highlights how ward bosses held immense power over local communities through their control of services, jobs, and resources, allowing them to influence elections and maintain their authority. The document underscores the complex relationship between ward bosses, political parties, and urban residents.

How did urban pollitical machines gain power and how did immigrants middle-class reformers and political bosses view them?

corruption or graft

The adoption of which progressive reform denied political bosses the power to pick their partys candidates for general elections?

secret ballot

What did political bosses fear about women getting the right to vote?

Political bosses feared that women getting the right to vote would disrupt their power structures and challenge their control over elections. They were concerned that women would advocate for policies that could threaten their influence and lead to shifts in political dynamics.

Which of these theories best explains why in difficult economic times some people blame groups or individuals with little or no political power?

scapegoat theory - Apex

In the 1800s did bosses have any power?

Yes, they had a lot of power and influence. Workers did not have much rights, not like today. So the bosses had more influence and could almost do what they wanted with their employees.

What political reasons made the US get involved in the Vietnam War?

The spread of communism into Southeast Asia was opposed to maintain the balance of power.

What is a ruling class or elite how do elites maintain power?

First off an elite is a identifiable group of people who posses a disproportionate share of political power. Some examples are the Marxist view, power elite, bureaucratic view, and pluralist view. These elites maintain power by force, Propaganda, success, and checking powers.