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it's hot, and it's in northern Florida

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Q: Facts about the Sahara Dessert
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Is Sahara dessert in Zimbabwe?


What dessert covers much of northern afica?

Sahara Dessert

A dessert that starts with S and G?

Sahara Dessert and Gobi Dessert is what you're looking for.

What is the habitat of the cuttlefish?

The ocean in Australia in the kelp forests. The sand in the Sahara dessert. in the cactus. The sand in the Sahara dessert. in the cactus.

What is a octopuses habitat?

the Sahara dessert

Where was frozen yogurt first introduced?

Sahara desert.. they called it sahara dessert

How do you describe Sahara?

The worlds biggest dessert also pronounced Saharan dessert

Which land region is the driest?

The driest land region is the Atacama Desert in South America. It receives nearly no precipitation in some areas, making it one of the most arid places on Earth.

What place was settled by the bantu?

The Sahara Dessert

What is the name of the biggest dessert in the world?

the sahara

What is the biggest dessert in tropic island?

The Sahara Desert

What is North America mostly covered in?

sahara dessert