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The fastest record speed attained by a human on foot is 27.44 miles per hour. This speed was attained by Usain Bolt in the 100 yard dash.

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Q: Fastest speed attained by a human?
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What is the fastest speed a runner can go?

The fastest speed of a human running was set by Maurice Greene, who achieved a sprint speed of 26.7 mph.

Fastest human mph?

The fastest recorded human speed is 27.8 mph, achieved by Usain Bolt during his 100m world record run in 2009.

What is the fastest average speed attained by a train providing a scheduled service?

french tv reaching 512 km

What is the fastest speed that the average human can run at?

About 10 metres per second

What was the fastest speed of a human in 1900?

Slightly less than 15 knots.

The fastest neurons in the human body communicate their messages at?

i think its the speed of light

Is 20 miles per hour fast?

Well, it's about the fastest speed a human being can run.

Who is the fastest human?

Usain Bolt 9.58. I heard it was a guy whose top speed was 27 mph.

What is the fastest Holdens speed limit?

The fastest holdens speed limit is 455!!!

Is the highest number the fastest or slowest when dealing with speed?

FASTEST when dealing with speed

What is the fastest ever typing speed?

The fastest typing speed was by a women maintaining a speed of 212 wpm.

Can I run at the speed of sound?

Nope. The speed of sound is ABOUT 760 mph. Fastest human runner is 27.79 mph. Not even close.