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find a counterexample to the statement all us presidents have served only one term to show statement is false

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Q: Find a counterexample to the statement all us presidents have served only one term to show that this statement is false.?
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Specific case in which a statement is false?

A counterexample is a specific case in which a statement is false.

A particular example or instance of a statement that makes a statement false?


What is an example of a counterexample?

an example of this is like taking a statement and making it negative, i think.... Such as, "All animals living in the ocean are fish." A counterexample would be a whale(mammal), proving this statement false.

Draw a counterexample to show that the following statements are false.if a figure is a hexagon than its a polygon.what do you draw?

The statement is not false. A hexagon is a polygon.

What is a counterexample in math?

A counterexample is an example (usually of a number) that disproves a statement. When seeking to prove or disprove something, if a counter example is found then the statement is not true over all cases. Here's a basic and rather trivial example. I could say "There is no number greater than one million". Then you could say, "No! Take 1000001 for example". Because that one number is greater than one million my statement is false, and in that case 1000001 serves as a counterexample. In any situation, an example of why something fails is called a counterexample.

What is an example that shows a conjecture is false?

It's a counterexample.

A counterexample is sufficient to prove that a conjecture is false?


Is this statement true if the product of two integers is divisible by 6 one of the integers is also divisible by 6?

That is false. This type of statement is only true for prime numbers, not for compound numbers such as 6. Counterexample: 2 x 3 = 6

What is the best method for evaluating moral premises?

The use of Counterexamples. Counterexample - is an exception to a proposed general rule. For example, consider the proposition "all students are lazy". Because this statement makes the claim that a certain property (laziness) holds for all students, even a single example of a diligent student will prove it false. Thus, any hard-working student is a counterexample to "all students are lazy". More precisely, a counterexample is a specific instance of the falsity of a universal quantification (a "for all" statement).

Which counterexample shows that the conjectureevery four-sided figure is a parallelogram is false?

A trapezium.

An example that proves a statement false?

A counterexample. For example, somebody could say that the empire state building is 1 ft tall, and a counterexample would be the empire state building is taller than the space needle and the space needle is over 500', therefore the empire state building is not 1 ft tall, or whatever.

Is The converse of a biconditional statement is always true?

No, not always. It depends on if the original biconditional statement is true. For example take the following biconditional statement:x = 3 if and only if x2 = 9.From this biconditional statement we can extract two conditional statements (hence why it is called a bicondional statement):The Conditional Statement: If x = 3 then x2 = 9.This statement is true. However, the second statement we can extract is called the converse.The Converse: If x2=9 then x = 3.This statement is false, because x could also equal -3. Since this is false, it makes the entire original biconditional statement false.All it takes to prove that a statement is false is one counterexample.