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Abraham Lincoln was the first president to be born outside of the original 13 states. He was born in Kentucky.

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Q: First president born out of the thirteen original states?
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What were the colonies that took over the 13 original colonies?

The thirteen original colonies became the first thirteen states in The United States of America.

What state was the first of the original thirteen states?

Delaware...the 'first state'...

How many states when country began?

When the U.S. was first formed, the thirteen colonies became the thirteen original states.

Which state was the first to join the original thirteen states?


When America was made how many states did it have?

The original thirteen colonies became the first (thirteen) states. Check out the related link listed below to see the original Betsy Ross flag featuring thirteen stars!

What was the first region to be added to the original thirteen states?

Kentucky on June 1, 1792

What is the constitutional state?

Connecticut is known as "The Consitution State" because it was the first of the original thirteen states to ratify the new US Constitution.

What does 13 stars on a flag mean?

Thirteen stars on a flag typically represent the original thirteen colonies of the United States. This design is often seen in historical flags and patriotic symbols to honor the founding states of the nation.

Who was the first president born outside the contiguous US?

Abraham Lincoln, born in Kentucky and the 16th president was the first to be born outside of the original thirteen colonies,Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky.Abraham Lincoln, born in Kentucky, was the first not born in one of the thirteen original states.

What do the 13 red and white alternating stripes represent on the flag?

The thirteen stripes represent the first thirteen states when America was made.

Is Pennsylvania the thirteen original colonies?

Philadelphia is a city, not a state. It is the capital of Pennsylvania, which was one of the first 13 states.

Were there presidents of the US in 1784?

No there was not. The thirteen colonies existed in the United States during 1784. The first president of the Unioted States was George Washington in 1789.