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"First president from the old south since before the civil war?"

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Q: First president from the old south since before the civil war?
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What was the first capital city before the declaration of independence was signed?

There weren't capital cities since there were no "states" until 1789 when the Constitution was signed and Washington was the first President.

What did 'I walk on untrodden ground' by George Washington mean?

since he was the first president it was a job no one had ever done before and he had no one to follow as a guide.

Why is George Washington on the Quarter?

to honor George Washington's birth bicentennialhe was on the quarter because he was the first president of the us and he was a famous president since he was the first one

Who was the Southern President during the civil war?

Andrew Johnson was the first post-Civil War President from the south, but he was never elected: He assumed office upon the death of Abraham Lincoln and was never re-elected (in fact, he was nearly impeached). Harry Truman was from Missouri, which was a border state so he could possibly be considered, but the first clear-cut southern President was Lyndon Johnson (Texas). While his first term was assuming the Presidency after Kennedy's death, unlike Andrew Johnson, Lyndon Johnson was then re-elected on his own. Since then, there have been three 'Southern' Presidents - Jimmy Carter (Georgia), Bill Clinton (Arkansas), and George W Bush (Texas). George HW Bush is from Massachusetts, so wouldn't count.

Why is president Garfield considered the martyr of civil service?

Garfield was assassinated by a man who wanted to be appointed to a government job and blamed Garfield for not getting it. Garfield thus became a martyr, in a way. Since Garfield favored a reform in the way that civil service jobs were filled, you can say that he was a martyr for civil service.

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Who was the first president elected from the 'old south' since before the civil war?


Jimmy Carter was the first president since before the Civil War to be from the?

Carter was from Georgia and the only president from the "deep South. ". Earlier Lyndon Johnson was from Texas which was also a rebel state- he was the first after the Civil War from such a state.

Who was the first president since the Civil War?

Abraham Lincoln

Was James Garfield the first southerner to be elected president since the Civil War?

No, he was born in Ohio, a northern state. The first southerner president after the Civil War is Woodrow Wilson.

What did President Eisenhower sign in 1957?

He sponsored and signed the Civil Rights Act of 1957, which was the first Civil Rights legislation since Reconstruction.

First democratic president since the civil war and defender of laissez-faire economics and low tariffs?

Grover Cleveland

Who was the first president to eat pie?

Pies have been around since long before the US had presidents. The first president, Washington. was therefore the first to eat pie.

Who is the president of the American Civil Liberties Union?

Susan Herman is President of the American Civil Liberties Union. Herman has served as President of the ACLU since October 2008.

Who was the Democrat president after civil war?

After President Lincoln's assassination, it was along time before a Democrat became a US President. Grover Cleveland was the first Democrat since US President James Buchanan was President. Grover Cleveland won the election of 1884. Cleveland served as 22nd & later the 24th US President. He lost his bid for reelection in 1888. Cleveland ran again in 1892 and was elected US President again.

Who was the President of Belarus in 1994?

Alexander Lukashenko was the president of Belarus since taking power in 1994 July 20. He is the first and only president Belarus has had since becoming a Republic, as before July 20, Belarus' leader was the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet.

Is obama a president before?

Yes and no. In law school, he was elected president of Harvard's famous legal journal, the Harvard Law Review. But he was never a president of the United States until he was elected for the first time in 2008. However, since he was re-elected in 2012, we could say he was president before, during his first term in office.

Who Was The First President Of Kosovo?

The First President Of Kosovo ever (Before Their Independence In 2008) Was Ibrahim Rugova Who Unfortunately Lost His Life In 2006 And Was Taken Over By Fatmir Sejdiu Who Resigned In September 2010. Mr Sejdiu Is Actually Kosovo's First President (Since Independence)