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Congressmen in the US House of Representatives are elected for a two (2) year term. That means every two years the public has a chance to change them ALL out.

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Q: For how long do you elcet represenatives in the us?
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What individual presides over the Georgia house of represenatives and the US house of represenatives?

He or she is called the Speaker of the House.

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How long do represenatives serve?

2 years

What is one of the us represenatives?

names of the U.S. reprsentatives

How long is a house of represenatives term?

two years

How long is term of house of represenatives?

two years

How many US Represenatives does New Mexico have?

They have three members of the US House.

How many Representative's are in The US House of Represenatives from Alabama?


How long does it take to elect represenatives?

it takes two years

How long is term of the house of represenatives?

I believe it is 2 years.

How many Represenatives in US Congress are from Mississippi?

Four are representing Mississippi.

Who are Utahs house of represenatives?

how many represenatives are in utah's house of represenatives