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All of the President's powers are stated or have evolved from the US Constitution. The writers of the Constitution intentionally gave him a lot of power and the powers have been extended somewhat. The ceremonial roles have come about because the US has no royalty and the military is under the President's command.

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In the US, the President is the head of the executive branch of the national government. As such, among other things, he directs the day-to-day operations of the government, determines how laws will be implemented and enforced, and serves as commander-in-chief of the military.

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So that it is not nesissary for more than one person to do the job that one person is supposed to do.

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Q: For what reason is it important that the president fulfill each presidential role?
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What cases is the President able to grant a pardon in?

The president of the United States is not allowed to grant pardons in cases of impeachment. The president can grant pardons in other cases though.

What is a reason for choosing a particular person as the vice-presidential candidate?

it id hoped that he or she will help win te election

What is the president succeeded by if he dies?

The U.S. vice president is first in line to fill the president's unexpired term if the office becomes vacant for any reason.

Why does vice president take oath first?

Its simple Showbiz. Just like the Oscars (tm) You announce the runners up, then the winner and then do a flurry of congratulations and speeches and ceremonial stuff. Wrong^^^ actually the reason is that if something were to happen to the president the vice president would be in position to take over. No that's not it. It really doesn't matter whether they're sworn in or not, once they're selected by the electoral college, THEY'RE IN. The VP is sworn in before the Prez because on tradition and want for "importance" of the VP position. The VP is President of the senate, and the VP used to be sworn in in the senate. This was done before the last day that the senate met, with both the incoming and outgoing senators present. This just happened to be before MARCH, which is when the Pres and VP took office in the "Old" days. This has changed to January now. Well, a few decades they decided to do it in conjunction with the Presidential Inaguration and just did it first out of tradition. It has nothing to do with succession, that's already spelled out very clearly.

Can the person who ran against him become president if the president is removed?

No, if the President is removed, retires or dies the Vice President will become President. If the Vice President can't fill the office for some reason then next in line is the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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Why are some of the candidates this year making history in presidential elections?

1 reason, because Obama will be the first black president.

What was the main reason that President Lincoln chose Simon Cameron as his secretary of war?

As a senator from Pennsylvania, Simon Cameron supported Abraham Lincoln's nomination as the Republican candidate to the US presidency. He was important in winning Pennsylvania for the Republicans in the 1860 presidential election.

What occurs when the President is unable to perform the duties of office?

The 25th amendment provides for succession in the event a president dies, is unable to fulfill his duties due to a physical or mental disability.

What amendment states that the vice president will become president if president dies?

The 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution, ratified in 1967, stipulates that if the President of the United States dies, resigns, or is otherwise unable to fulfill their duties, the Vice President of the United States shall assume the powers and duties of the presidency. The amendment also specifies that if the Vice President is unable to assume the office, the President's duties will pass to the Speaker of the House.

How can a presidential candidate can lose the overall popular vote and still become president?

A Presidential candidate can lose the overall popular vote and still become President because the US President is NOT elected by the popular vote. The votes cast by the Electoral College elect the President. This type of thing has happened several times before; this is one reason why Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms.

What were the reason for expansion?

To fulfill the American policy of Manifest Destiny.

Why do you vote for a president in November?

The presidential election has always been in November. I am not sure of the reason. It may have simply been the time needed to set up the first one after the Constitution was ratified.

Who are you supporting in the 2016 presidential election and why?

Hillary because U.S need a president ho is not rich. Not a good reason-- Hillary is also quite rich, taking in millions for her talks and from her past salary.

Why isn't David Rice Atchinson reconized for president?

Google is your friend: US Presidential law, at the time, is the reason.

What was the main reason for 24th amendment?

The twenty-fourth amendment is important because it lets you vote for the president and vice president without having to pay any taxes.

What was the reason why Raul Castro became in power of cuba?

On July 31, 2006, Raul Castro was elected as the president the President of the Council of State in a provisional transfer of power due to Fidel CastroÕs illness. According to the Cuban Constitution of 1976, Article 94, the First Vice President of the Council of State assumes presidential duties upon the illness or death of the president.

The televised debates is one reason why this presidential candidate won?

This President thought to have won the based on a televised debate which showed a clear difference in the physical appearance between the two candidates was John F. Kennedy.