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In short, yes.

In more detail, see which is the actual text of the act of parliament governing donations to political parties.

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Q: Foreign donations to political parties are banned in the UK?
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When did Adolf Hitler ben all political parties?

in may 1933 Hitler banned all political parties accept for his own

Does the government regulate the soft money?

No, the government does not regulate soft money. Soft money refers to political donations made to political parties rather than to specific candidates. In the United States, soft money was banned by the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002.

Did Framers of the Constitution clearly established political parties?

Absolutely not. Parties are not even mentioned in the Constitution. Parties were a result of differing political views, though not mentioned in the constitution, they are not banned either.

What are the political parties in Libya?

Political parties are starting to develop in Libya with the rise of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, the Democratic Party, Islamist political groups, secularists, etc.... During the Gaddafi era, Gaddafi himself banned political parties.

How did the NSDAP become the only political party in Germany?

Between February and May 1933 all other political parties were banned.

What is the main political party of Syria?

The Baath Party and its puppet parties under the National Progressive Front. All opposition parties are banned in Syria.

What act outlawed all political parties in Germany except the Nazi Party?

The Law Against The Formation Of Political Parties was passed on the 14th of July 1933. All parties other than the Nazis were banned and their leaders put in prison.

Which institution has banned wall writing by parties during elections?

The Election Commission of India has officially prohibited wall writing by political parties during elections.

How many political parties were there in Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union?

The Soviet Union only had one Political party, which was the Communist Party.

What political system did Hitler have in Germany?

Politically he banned all other political parties other than the nazi party

Should private expensive political parties be banned by the ruling party?

No, I believe that people should be able to do what the want when they want to. We are at a free country, people should use it wisley

Where are books banned from?

Do you mean from what places are they banned, e.g. schools, particular countries; or do you mean which particular institutions ban books? If it is the former, an example is Salaman Rushdie, whose book "Satanic Verses" was banned in Iran by the Ayatotollah Khomeini. If it is the latter, various religious groups and also various political parties e.g the Nazis.