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Q: Foreign political parties do not lean toward the right or toward the left.?
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Why does George Washington hate political parties?

He believed political parties would lead to chaos and unnecessary disputes (He was right)

What are some voting right and political parties of Thailand?

right wing

Washington warned that political parties would do what?

He warned that political parties would become more important than the common good of the country. If you think about the political parties today it seems he can be right about that.

Who obstructs implementation of right to information act?

political parties

Which of the political parties is the most right wing?

the communist Party

What is the definition of the term political spectrum?

The political spectrum is where parties are placed based on their policies. For example you can have right-wing or left-wing political parties. Communism and socialism are to the far left whereas fascism and conservatism is to the far right.

What political party read into the Constitution?

In 1789 there were no political parties. In fact Washington warned about the formation of parties and how they would put their interests before the common good of the people. Looks like he was right.

What has the author Sarah Harrison written?

Sarah Harrison has written: 'Mapping extreme right ideology' -- subject(s): Politics and government, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies / Fascism & Totalitarianism, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Process / Elections, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Process / Political Parties, Radicalism, Right-wing extremists, Political parties

Which of following political parties is the most right -wing?

the communist Party

What other political parties are reapersented in Ottawa right now?

Some other political parties represented in Ottawa right now include communist, freedom, and green. Most have very little political pull but help to shape popular opinion.

How do political parties reflect our system of representative democracy?

Political parties allow people to vote in representatives that represent their ideas and what they believe is right for the nation in Congress and in the Presidency.

Why did the authors of the congress of the constitution want to avoid political parties?

Washington stated that political parties would take over the political process and the common good of the nation would be secondary .The party would only be concerned with it's survival. I think he was right when you look at the political parties today