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The US was created by the war fought by the Original 13 colonies against Great Britain and King George. This was the war associated with the Declaration of Independence and the Liberty Bell. When the war was won at the battle of York town in Virginia the colonies became Independent of Britain. Allies included the French.

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The Americans gained their independence from Great Britain (England) during the Revolutionary War.

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The US won their independence from Great Britain on July 4. 1776.

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From Great Britain

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Q: From whom did America declare its independence in 1776?
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From whom USA achieved Independence?

United States of America got independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776.

From whom did India declare Independence?

they declared it from the British

On July 4 1776 who declared independence from whom?

United states from England

Whom did you get independence from?

We (Americans) got Independence from British rule.

On July 4 1776 the United States declared independence from whom?

great Britain

From whom did the declarations singers receive their authority to declare independence?

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From whom did America gain its independence?


What is the Independence from whom?

If you are, referring to July 4th it is America's Independence Day. Independence from Great Britain.

From whom did America win ther independence from?


Independece day is for whom?

Independence Day is about America's freedom from the British.

What is your countries birthday?

Our countries birthday is July 4th, 1776 so as we celebrate every July 4th our independence as a country! It depends whom you ask because many others may think different like but our country became independent on July 4th, 1776 when our Declaration of Independence was written or finalized and finished!

On July fourth you declared independence from whom?

American people celebrate the 4th of July for declaring their independence from England, on July 4th 1776. Before then, the united States were an overseas British colony.