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Q: Gadsden purchase date acquired
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When did America acquire the Louisiana Purchase?

The date of the Louisiana Purchase was April 30, 1803

Original us date acquired?


When is the purchase date of a stock acquired due to the put options assignments?

It's the day the stock actually made it into your account. If it was the day you sold the put, these things would be a nightmare to calculate basis on.

When did Franklin Pierce approve the Gadsen Purchase?

The treaty was signed by Pierce and submitted to the Senate on February 10, 1854. April 26, 1854 was the date that the final version of the treaty was ratified by the Senate. It became final June 8.1864 when Mexico agreed to the final version.

What date was The Louisiana Purchase purchase on?

The Louisiana Purchase date was April 30,1803.

Was the date of The Louisiana Purchase?

The date of the Louisiana Purchase was April 30, 1803

What date did the US acquired Philippines?

Contrary to popular American belief, the Republic of Philippines is a sovereign independent country. The US has never "acquired them"

What day was the northwest territory acquired?

July 15 1870 is the official transfer date.

When was Cuba acquired?

October 27 1492 was the date Christopher Columbus conquered it for the Spanish.

What date was wake acquired on?

Wake Island was discovered by the US in 1840 by the Navy. However it wasn't until 1899 that it was officially claimed by the United States.

Is purchase date of a stock the same as stockholder of record date?

No. Purchase date is, of course, the date the stock was purchased. Record date refers to who the legal owner of stock was on a certain date (typically used to determine who has the right to receive the dividend to be paid).

What was the date of the Alaska purchase'?

It was in 1867