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Q: George Costanza's favorite fabric
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What is the part of speech of favorite?


What was the fabric worn by napoleon's favorite sow?

Its 4 letters.

Where can you buy Swiss lace and george fabric in London?


Cool stuff to sew for friends with little fabric?

Cinch top pouches are my favorite.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Fabric of Life - 2012?

The cast of The Fabric of Life - 2012 includes: Kathryn Carpenter as Victoria Theo Devaney as George

What fabric absorbs nothing?

If you're talking light, that'd be white fabric. If you're talking water, you've got several options, my favorite of which would probably be steel wool.

What is the best fabric for beginners?

Well, it does depend on what you're going to sew but, as a rule of thumb, the best fabric is probably the cheapest fabric you can find. That way, if your product doesn't come out right, you're only out your time and a little bit of money. I'm in the US and my favorite place for fabric is WalMart. Sometimes you can find clearance fabric for $1 per yard.

How do you make a room look unique?

You can make your room unique by puting your favorite fabric pattern over a bulliton board

Why was Betsy Ross chosen to make the first flag?

she was chosen because she was a friend of George washington and she was good with fabric.

What is the best kind of fabric for making dance clothing?

The best kind of fabric made available for dance clothing would be polyester, which is a dancer favorite. Any kind of material can be used as long as it is free flowing, and has stretchiness.

Where is a good place to find fabric to make shirts online?

This is my favorite site and you can do about anything on it. you can make much more than shirts. here it is: ENJOY!!!

Why do fabric stores drape fabric?

When the fabric stores receive the fabric on the bolt, the fabric is wrapped right side in. To show the true color and texture of the fabric the employees must take the fabric and drape it over the bolt.