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George Washington's step-grandson was George Washington Parke Custis.

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Q: George Washington's step grandson
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What was George Washingtons step childrens name?

George Washington's stepchildren names are Patsy and Jacky.

Who was Washington's step-grandson?

George Washington Park Curtis

How old was George Washingtons kids when George Washington die?

1 yrs old Well as far as we know he had no children of his own, he was step father to his wife Martha's children.

Who were George Washingtons kids?

George Washington, the Father of Our Country, had 2/two step-children from his wife's, Martha's, previous marriage. 1(one) step-daughter and 1(one) step-son.

What was George Washingtons family names?

his dad was augustine and is moter was mary ball he had 4 broters from mary ball and 3 step i think

What is son of grand son called?

Whether on the mother's (maternal) or father's (paternal) side, the parents' parents are called grandparents. A son of a child is a grandson. The grandson's son is a great-grandson. It is also possible to have, now, a step-grandparent and step-grandson/great-grandson. In the past (through mid to late 1900s), when there were more than 2 sets of grandparents, they were all considered as equals (no "step" added).

Who was Alexander hamiltion?

Alexander Hamilton was George Washingtons's secratay of the treasury. He pulled America out of debt a three step financial plan and he could never be president becuase he was NOT natural born.

What George Washingtons life like before presidency?

George Washington was a planter and military officer. He had no education he was self taught. He got married to Martha Dandridge as he second husband. He did not have any of his own kids but he was a step-father to Martha's children from her first marriage...

What do you call your step-great-grandson-in-law's father?

You have no socially named relationship to your step-great-grandson-in-law's father. If you like, you might call him "son" or "Mr. ...." or simply call him by his first name.

When was Step by Step - Linda George album - created?

Step by Step - Linda George album - was created in 1975-12.

How did John Parke Curtis die?

John Parke Custis (Stepson of George Washington) died of "Camp Fever" during the American Revolution. George and Martha informally adopted two of his four children (George Washington Parke Custis and Nelly Custis). George Washington Parke Custis (George Washington's step-grandson) later built "Arlington House" that now overlooks Arlington National Cemetery. S. Ramirez (New York) 12/11/10

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Your son-in-law is the husband of your daughter. His son is your daughter's son and therefore your grandson, and you are his grandparent.If your son-in-law's son is from a previous marriage, the son is not physically related to you. He is your daughter's step-son, he is your step-grandson. However, you may want to treat him like a grandson anyway, especially if he came into your life at an early age.