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George Washington was a Freemason.

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Q: George Washington Free Mason
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What was George Washington a member of?

George Washington was not in any groups and i have Google to back me up Whats Google suppose to prove,,?

What happened to George Washington's slaves when he died?

George Washington actually willed that the slaves he owned be freed upon the passing of his wife, Martha. George Washington was the 1st President of the United States.

George Washington worked hard to get the US Constitution .?

yes George Washington wanted to see the country he loved to be free of British rule

Was George Washington popular among the American people?

George Washington by almost all historians' accounts was a very good President. His major drawback was that he was a slave owner. He did, however free and provide money and education to the slaves which he owned, in his will. No other slave owner President ever did that again.

Who was the chairman of the constitutonal convention?

George Washington was voted in as the chairman of the Constitutional convention. He became unhappy with the position because of the arguments between large and small populated states or northern free states and southern slave states. He also had to stay quiet or neutral with any remarks so he would not be accused of using his position to sway the vote on any contorversy. Thank goodness for Roger Sherman of Connecticut who came up with the Great Compromise. Three major compromises allowed the constitutional convention to conclude to the ratification process. "Father of the U.S. Contitution was a young delegate from Virginia named James Madison, who later will be voted in as the fourth President of the United States.