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False, because it would have been pretty much impossible, because Washington died in 1799.

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Q: George Washington became the first president of the US in 1889 - true or false?
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Who was the president who had false teeth made of out of rhinoceros ivory?

George Washington

Is it true or false George Washington was the president of the constitution convention?


What is George Washington most proud of?

"Most proud of being president. I guess" This is false. In fact President George Washington did not want to be President at all.

President with false teeth?

President George Washington is well-known for wearing false teeth made of materials like ivory, human teeth, and metal in place of his natural teeth. These false teeth were not wooden, as is commonly believed.

Who was the president that rarely smile in public?

George Washington, because his teeth were false and made of ivory.

Was George Washington was the leader of the Anti-Federalists.?

George Washington was not the leader of the Anti-Federalists. George Washington did not believe that the people and politicians should be divided into specific parties.

Is it true that in 1757 a great military planner by the name of George Washington became prime minister of Britain?

That is false! George Washington was never the PM of Britain. William Pitt the Elder became prime minister of the British government in 1757. Both Washington and Pitt played roles in the French & Indian War.

True or false Washington state is named after George Washington?


Is it true or false that Washington state is named after George Washington?


Did the president George Washington buy teeth from slaves?

I don't think so. His famous false teeth were made of animal's teeth and bones.

What president wore false teeth made of rhinoceros ivory?

George Washington, they were made by Dr. John Greenwood, the so called "Father of Modern Dentistry".

What did George Washington eat with his false teeth?

George Washington wore false teeth because he didn't have teeth but just a few left. George Washington wasn't also satisfy with his teeth either.