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Because they had to ensure military support from all the colonies and George Washington was a Virginian so John Adams thought he would get the support from all the colonies.

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The primary reason why Washington was named Commander-in-Chief was because of his prior military experience. Being from Virginia was another factor.

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Q: George Washington was named Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army primarily because?
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Who was the commander of continental army?

General George Washington

What was so important about Washington?

He is so important because he was a general for the Continental Army!

What day did George Washington agree to command the continental army?

because he wanted to

Why was General Washington a general?

General Washington was a general because the Continental Congress gave him that rank when it placed him in charge of the army.

How was George Washington famous?

George Washington was famous because he lead the first continental army during the Revolutionary War.

How can you use 'US Continental Army' in a sentence?

"There was no organization called the US Continental Army because the United States hadn't been formed when the Continental Army was assembled." Optionally: "George Washington was a General in the Continental Army."

What group appointed George Washington commander of the colonial army?

The British Government, because the group who appointed George Washington commander of the colonial army would obviously be the British Government. Why? You ask? Because nobody answered this already is one, and two, because the British hate other people who aren't British, well they did.

Why did George Washington earn great respect as commander of the Continental Army?

probably because he was the father of the country and he was a leader

Was George Washington was selected as commander in chief of the continental army?

Washington was selected because he had previously distinguished himself as a general. There were no other generals in the colonies willing to do the job.

How was George Washington involved in the Second Continental Congress?

== == George Washington was a delegate from Virginia. He worked to assure that the Congress would take a firm stand in favor of colonial liberties. He remained a member until the Congress chose him to command the new Continental Army.

Why was George Washington put in charge of the troops from Virgina?

George Washington was put in charge of the troops in Virginia because the Second Continental Congress representatives voted to have him be leader of the troops.

Has John Adams made the world a better place?

yes, because he made the continental army and put george washington as the leader.