George Washingtons mom

Updated: 8/20/2023
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George Washington was the first president of USA and commander-in-chief of Continental Army during American Revolutionary war. His mother's name was Mary Ball Washington who was the second wife of his father Augustine Washington.

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he did have a mom

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Q: George Washingtons mom
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How many kids did George Washingtons mom have?

2 kids

What is George Washingtons's mom's name?

Her maiden name was Ball.

How many kids did george washingtons carvers mom have?

she had two kids George, and James

What is George Washingtons mom's last name?

Her maiden name was Ball.

What was George Washingtons's childhood like?

his mom and sister as well as him were kidnapped.

What were george washingtons mom and dad full name?

George Washington was born to Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington.

How many people are in george Washingtons family?

mother and father, George and an older brother.

Who was gorge washingtons mom?


What is george Washingtons mom?

Mary Ball Washington is George Washington's mom's name.

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