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Q: Georgia group that lost their homes despite a supreme court ruling in their favor?
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Did Andrew Jackson and the State of Georgia obeyed the Supreme Court ruling in Cherokee v Georgia?


Georgia group who lost their homes despite a Supreme Court ruling in their favor?

the group was the Cherokees. From another Douglas 5th grade student trying to get puzzle done!!

How did Andrew Jackson respond to the Supreme Court decision that declared Georgia's Indian removal laws unconstitutional?

He ignored the Court's ruling (Apex)

How did President Jackson respond to the supreme court's ruling in worcester v Georgia that Georgia had no right to interfere with cherokee?

In response to the Supreme Court's ruling in Worcester v Georgia that Georgia had no right to interfere with the Cherokee, President Jackson disregarded the decision and removal of the Cherokee proceeded as planned.

In 1832 the US Supreme Court ruled in Worcester v. Georgia that the state of Georgia had no right to force the Cherokee from their native lands. Why did this ruling have little positive effect?

President Jackson did not enforce the ruling.

What ruling has the supreme court made for demonstrations on private property?

The ruling made by the supreme court is that demonstrations on the private property is illegal.

What are Georgia two major courts of appellate jurisdiction?

The Georgia Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court and the court of last resort for the state is the Georgia Supreme Court.

Highest court in the State of Georgia?

The Supreme Court of Georgia.

What happens when the US Supreme Court agrees with the lower court ruling?

If the US Supreme Court agrees with the lower court ruling, the decision is "affirmed," and becomes legally final (res judicata).

What type of court is Georgia's Supreme Court?

Georgia's Supreme Court is the state's highest appellatecourt for both civil and criminal cases.

Can congressional nullification overturn the ruling of the supreme court?

No the Congress can not nullify a ruling of the Supreme Court. The Congress would have to rewrite the law which the Supreme Court had declared unconstitutional. Then the new law could overrule the Supreme Court IF the new law was declared constitutional if/when appealed.

When was Supreme Court of Georgia - U.S. state - created?

Supreme Court of Georgia - U.S. state - was created in 1841.