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President Ford was the only U.S. president never to have been elected president or vice president.

Here are more answers from WikiAnswers contributors: * == == * Gerald Ford was the only person to serve as President but not run for election as either President or Vice President. He was appointed VP under Richard Nixon when the elected VP, Spiro Agnew, resigned due to legal problems. Then, Nixon resigned leaving Ford to become President.

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Gerald Ford was named Vice President by Nixon to replace Spiro Agnew who resigned in shame. Then Gerald Ford became President when Nixon resigned in shame.

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To date, your statement is true.

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Q: Gerald Ford was the only person to ever serve as President and Vice President without being elected by the people?
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What is the number of all the presidents US have had?

As of the beginning of 2012, 38 people have been elected President of the United States. Another 4 people were elected Vice-President and, upon the death of the President, assumed the Presidency, but were never elected President. One person, Gerald Ford, was nominated by President Nixon and confirmed by Congress to replace Vice-President Agnew after Agnew's resignation, then assumed the Presidency a few months later when President Nixon resigned. Ford was never elected President OR Vice-President. Including Barack Obama, a total of 43 people have served as U.S. President. The reason why President Obama is referred to as the 44th President is that President Cleveland is counted twice due to his terms as President being non-consecutive.

How are members of the House and Senate elected?

They are elected by the people before the president.

What do you mean by republic?

A republic is a government where the people have elected or nominated a president. The people as well as the president have power together.

For 2 years who served as the only US President and vice president who were not elected by the people?

Gerald Ford and Nelson Rockefeller served for 25 months as the only US President and Vice President who were never elected to either position. Ford became the 38th President on August 9, 1974, and Rockefeller became the 41st Vice President on December 19, 1974.--- Both Ford (House minority leader from Michigan) and Rockefeller (longtime governor of New York) became Vice President under the 25th Amendment. Ford became Vice president after the resignation of Spiro T. Agnew, and became President after the resignation of Richard Nixon. Rockefeller was then chosen as Ford's Vice President.

Who was the only man to become president without being elected president or vice president?

Before the Twelfth Amendment (, there were no official running mates as the president was the person what the most votes and the VP was the runner up.Over a dozen people ran for the office before 1804, although Jefferson, running in 1800, had an informal running mate in Burr.

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Only president who was not elected?

all of them No U. S. President has ever been directly elected by the people.

How many people served as president but were not elected to the office?

Gerald Ford

Who was the only president never elected by the people?

Gerald Ford was never elected in a national election. He was appointed vice-president to fill out a term and became President when President Nixon resigned. He elected to Congress some 10 times by his Congressional district.

The two people that served as President and Vice President who was not elected to the office?

Gerald Ford is the only person to my knowledge.

Important people or events that molded this persons character of Gerald Ford?

If you are here for Gerald in "Gravity", the answer is Intense - APEX

Who served as president of the U.S. but was never elected?

Gerald Ford served as president of the United States but was never elected. He became vice president after Spiro Agnew resigned and later assumed the presidency when Richard Nixon resigned. Ford became president without winning a national election.

What US presidents were never elected by the people?

Technically, no US President has been "elected by the people." US Presidents are elected by the Electoral College. However, there were six Presidents who served in office without being endorsed by popular vote.Gerald Ford was one of them; he became president after Richard Nixon resigned in 1974, and was not elected at the end of the term. The other part of the question is a trick. George Washington was never elected by popular vote, but he was elected by the Electoral College (like all Presidents) in 1789 and 1792.There were also four elected Vice-Presidents who became President by succession but were never elected to their own terms as President: Andrew Johnson, John Tyler, Millard Fillmore and Chester Arthur.Circumstances of SuccessionJohn Tyler (succeeded William Henry Harrison after his death from pneumonia)Millard Fillmore (succeeded Zachary Taylor after his death from gastroenteritis)Andrew Johnson (succeeded Abraham Lincoln following assassination)Chester A. Arthur (succeeded John Garfield following assassination)Gerald Ford (succeeded Richard Nixon following resignation) Apex-type question, alts split from rephrased and answered primary

Who was never elected as the president of the U.S?

A number of people have served as President without being elected President, the first such being John Tyler, who, as Vice-President, became President when William Henry Harrison died in office. However, Tyler was elected Vice-President.The person the question most likely has in mind is Gerald Ford, who was appointed Vice-President by Richard Milhous Nixon when then Vice-President Spiro T. Agnew resigned. When Nixon himself later resigned, Ford became President.It's not quite true to say that Ford was "never elected" ... he was elected to the House of Representatives as a representative of Michigan and was serving as House Minority Leader when Nixon appointed him Vice-President. However, he was certainly never elected to either the position of President or Vice-President.

How the president and the congress of the US elected?

THE president is elected by the electrol college. Congress is elected by the people

How do people get elected president us?

The President and the VP are elected by the Electoral College.

Why is the president elected by the people?

In the US, he isn't elected directly by the people.

Could someone be elected president without the help of a political party?

i think not because you cant just get random people to vote you president without a political party involved