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Q: Give two examples why the bill of rights is important to you?
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Does The Bill of Rights guarantee does the bill rights give or does The Bill of Rights abolish?

Bill or rights guarantees.

What legislation protect rights?

It is called a Bill of Rights. There are many different examples, such as a states Bill of Rights or the federal Bill of Rights.

Why do you suppose most states constitutions began with a bill of rights?

The Bill of Rights is important so people know what rights they have.

What is the Bill of Rights and why is it important?

The Bill of Rights are the first ten amendment to the constitution. They are important because they explain out basic rights as an American. The bill of rights is the first 10c amendments on the constitution, and its important because it protects our American rights.

Why is the bill of rights so important American government?

It is important for citizens to know about the Bill of Rights because, the Bill of Rights is made up of the ten commandments:)

Why was the addition of the bill of rights important to the states?

Its was important because, it guaranteed citizens freedom. he bill its self say, "The Bill of Rights". This bill make sure all the citizens had rights..

When was the Bill of Rights finished?

i think that the bill of rights does not give out a time when it was finished \

What is the Bill of Rights and what rights does it give us?

the bill of rights gives you the freedom of speech and freedom of the press

Why was the bill of rights so important to history?

I was important to add the bill of rights to the constitution because if we did not we would not have our rights protected a citizens of the united states of america.

What rights and freedoms does the bill of rights protect and why are they important?


Why is the Bill of Rights important till this day?

The Bill of Rights places limits on what the government is NOT allowed to do.

Can you give a sentence using the bill of rights?

The Bill of Rights guarantees individual freedoms and limits the power of the government to protect the rights of citizens.