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Q: Give your general opinion on whether our society today has too much liberty or too much order?
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Did you know that religion has no place in society even though society is a lie religion is an even bigger lie?

It is not a question of whether I, or anyone else, know this but of personal opinion and whether your opinion on this is correct; therefore this question cannot be answered without bias.

Should your sister-in-law clean for you?

Whether your sister-in-law should clean for you is entirely a matter of circumstance and opinion. There is no general answer.

What is the relationship between public opinion and policy-making?

Public opinion is views represented by the general public and policy making is adopted by the government. SO - public opinion can impact policy making in a positive or negative way, whether it is in your favor or not in your favor.

Is liberty mutual a good insurance company?

Whether one considers Liberty Mutual, or any other insurer, to be a "good company" is quite personal. It relies, in large part, upon the experience you have had with the company if you have made a claim. You will get an opinion of the company based upon the way that you feel that you were treated, either as an insured or as a claimant. If you are insured by Liberty Mutual, your opinion will also be formed by the way in which you are serviced by your agent. Liberty Mutual is large and strong. Therefore, from the standpoint of claims-paying ability, which is why insurance is obtained, it is a "good" insurance company.

Why is culture war beneficial to society?

The answer to this question relies on your opinion whether or not fighting authorities or going against laws helps society. Obviously, rebelling against society is not a good thing because you could possibly end up in jail. But, if you feel fighting for your cause and going to jail is worth it, it is beneficial.

Is it important to provide the opinion of the reporting police officer in a report?

Not sure what you are asking. If the police officer wrote the report then how would you be able to change it? If you are asking in general to get an opinion as to whether or not it would benefit you, it really depends on the type of report it is. Need more information.

Does Internet make society lazy?

yes. It makes the whole society lazy. You can even make a living, just sitting on the internet all day, making money like thatThat is your opinion. Whether or not the internet ACTUALLY has increased 'laziness' in a measurable, general sense, has not, to my knowledge ever really seriously been researched or tested in any legitimate way. I don't know that it could be DIRECTLY measured, in MY opinion though, I doubt that the internet has made people any lazier than they were before it was invented. I would actually argue for the opposite.

Form an opinion as to whether human cloning should be allowed?

yes, in my opinion. my username is christino.

Is Nintendo the best?

In my opinion Nintendo is the very best. Creates so much and I love it! Your opinion whether best or not, but in my opinion it is the best.

What are similarities between Richter scale and Mercalli scale?

They are both scales that determine what damage earthquakes can produce, whether it's on the general impact of structures of buildings or the impact of damage on society.

The central measure of whether there is constitutional democracy is the extent of the?

The answer is individual rights and liberty.

What is the higher percentage rich or poor in Morocco?

The answer depends on whether you are looking at Morocco in the context of the world or parts of Moroccan society compared within other parts. It also depends on how do define the two terms, and whether or not the definitions are dichotomous or whether there is a middle class.