Goitre of pyrimidal lobe

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Goitre of pyrimidal lobe
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What is contralateral neglect?

Contralateral neglect is a disturbance of the patient's ability to respond to stimuli on the side of the body opposite (contralateral) to the side of brain lesion, in the absence of simple sensory or motor deficits. Patients with contralateral neglect often behave as though the left side of their world does not exist and they often fail to appreciate that they have a problem. The disturbance is often associated with large lesions of the right posterior parietal lobe. In one example, Mrs. T acquired contralateral neglect following a massive stroke in the posterior portion of her right hemisphere.

Where is the best knockout punch spot?

The chin After having many kickboxing fights, I'd say the best knockout blow is to the temple. That will knock them out for a few seconds or more. Even better to knock them down are body blows. Yes certainly a direct shot to the temple can disrupt blood flow to the brain (literally causes the pulse to skip a beat, sending a signal to the brain, which shuts it down), but you run the risk of the cerebrum (brain) becoming displaced and literally bouncing off the inside of the cranium (skull). This frequently causes brain damage and cerebral hematoma (bleeding of the brain), in which case it can be fatal. So use at your own risk; if the subject's head hits the ground (especialy pavement) it increases this risk. When impacted hard enough, a temple shot can kill all in itself.The chin is a classic and effective knock-out spot, as it rattles the brain and, through essentially a self-preservation reaction, the brain shuts down certain higher functions (like vision and conciousness). The human brain is amazing!Unless you are trying to seriously injure a person, avoid any shot to the back of the head (especially the base of the head). A highschool student actually killed someone because of this, fracturing the 3rd and 4th vertebrae and seriously damaging the brain stem. The occipital lobe is located in the rear of the brain, which is why a solid, strong blow to the back of the head can cause momentary (or even permanent) loss of vision and blackouts (hence the old gangster/cop movies where a person is hit with a blunt implement, like the butt of a gun, and therefore rendered unconcious). NEVER EVER cheap-shot someone to the base of the skull, but if you MUST cheap-shot them, do it to the back/rear top of the skull (with a blunt, ideally non-metal object, something that won't cause a localized fracture to the skull. This can create a significant fragment of the skull to become dislodged and damage the cerebrum.