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The American government before the Revolution was similar to what we have today. The idea that the people would have a part in their government was part of the reason many chose to travel to the new world.

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Q: Government before American Revolution
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How did French government influence the US's government?

it didnt. the American revolution happened before the french revolution

How did most American colonists earn a living before the American revolution?

by the government

Did the American Revolution come before the french revolution?

The American revolution came before the French revolution

What kind of government did America have before the American revolution?

They were British citizens and the king ruled them and the colonies.

How did the government impact of the American revolution on North Carolina and the US?

There was no US or government before 1789 when the constitution was written, so there was no impact.

Was the economy before and after the American Revolution agricultural?

G A: No, it was agricultural before the American revolution, and industrialized after.

How tensions between the colonists and the british government rose in the years before the American revolution?

nothing happened

Who created the US navy?

The Colonial government in 1775 before the American Revolution.

The type of government France had before and after the revolution?

The type of government that France had before and after the revolution was absolute monarchy. This type of government is hereditary.

Did The french revolution happen before the American Revolution?

The French Revolution happened during 1789-1799 and the American Revolution happened during 1775-1783. So the French Revolution happened before the American Revolution.

Who were the presidents before the American Revolution?

Since there was no America before the revolution there was no presidents; but during the revolution John Hancock was the president of the Continental Congress, which was in charge until the war was over and a new government could be set up.

How did the French Revolution influence th American Revolution?

It didn't. The American Revolution was over before the French Revolution began.

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