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Note: In Ancient Greece, the word "tyrant" meant "ruler," not "evil despot."

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Q: Greek city-states were run by their?
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What people had rights and responsibilities in greek citystates?


What are the Greek citystates names?

Athens (smart, sporty, perfect) Megara (all about money) Sparta (TOTAL SPORT FREAKS lol) Corinth (crafts) Argos (acting and drama)

What is political units of city and surrounding land?


What is the political units of city and surrounding land?


What are the typical Greek citystates like?

Athens-Athletic, academic, perfect Corinth-Crafts, arts, etc Sparta-Sports Megara-Money, money, money Argos-Acting, drama, etc

Why did citystates fight each other?

To gain land for farming

Which citystates fought eachotherin the peloponnesian war?

Athens and Sparta .

What is Greek for run the race?

Run in Greek is τρέχω [treho]

How did religion create the hierarchy in sumer?

Sumerian citystates were originally theocracies.

What is the impact of citystates?

This impact the city-states because the renaissance were so wealthy in their down city

What kind of governments ruled greek citystates?

Initially kings, then cliques of aristocrats, then assemblies of landowners, and then assemblies of citizens.ruled by citizens made such greek city states unique.

What Greek city states run by?