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Q: Hamilton believed the Constitution ________ gave Congress the power to create a bank.?
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What president believed that the constitution did not give congress the authority to create a national bank?

The First Bank of the United States was opposed by Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, who both believed it to be unconstitutional.

Did Thomas Jefferson favor the creation of a national bank?

He didn't because he believed in strict construction of he constitution, which led him to believe that anything that is not written clearly in the constitution should not be done. Thus he opposed the creation of the bank because the constitution did not specifically grant power to Congress to create one. Alexander Hamilton favor the bank, because he believed in lose construction of the Constitution, and according to the "Elastic clause", the congress can do whatever that is for the good of the people. Thus Hamilton was for the creation of the national bank.

Why did Alexander Hamilton argue that the Constitution gave the US government the power to create a national bank?

The Constitution gives Congress power to do useful things. This does not constitute a dangerous interpretation of the Constitution. Powers not specifically given in the Constitution can be implied.

What did Hamilton see in the Constitution that gave him the authority to create a national bank?

He argued that Congress had the power to create a bank because the Constitution granted the federal government authority to do anything "necessary and proper" to carry out its constitutional functions

Why did Thomas Jefferson and James Madison oppose many of Alexander Hamilton's plans for the new nation?

It would give the government to much power and the constitution did not specifically say congress has the power to create

Hamilton asked Congress to create a national bank named ....?

The Bank of the United States

Who guided the first congress to create the first amendments to the constitution?

James Madison

Why did Jefferson oppose the creation of the bank of the United states?

Granting Congress any power not explicitly granted by the Constitution will remove all limits on its power other than what Congress itself believes to be the good of the nation.

Why is congress the repository and legislative power of the government?

Because the states wrote and ratified the Constitution that way. Congress did not create itself.

Is it true that congress can change the constitution to create more powers and rights for itself?


What type of courts does congress create?

Constitutional Courts - mandated by the constitution Legislative Courts

What type of government did Hamilton believe in?

Hamilton was a Federalist who believed in a country with a strong federal government. For example, he wrote the Public Report on a National Bank, in which he suggested that the national government should create a bank to help get rid of Revolutionary War debt, even though some argued that it was a breach of the Constitution.