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FDR was in office for more than two terms. The 22nd Amendment limited presidents to two terms. FDR was in office before this was passed. Imposed by the 22nd Amendment, ratified in 1951: The President is elected indirectly through the U.S. Electoral College to a four year term, with a limit of two terms

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Theodore Roosevelt ran for a third term under his Bull Moose party, but lost the election to Woodrow Wilson. Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran for 4 terms and won them all, but he died in office during his 4th term. After his death, Congress passed the 22nd Amendment which set a limit of 2 terms for the presidency.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt served three terms plus three months as U.S. President. The most any other U.S. President served is two full four-year terms.

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Q: Has a president served 3 terms?
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What is the number of terms Washington served as president?

George Washington served two terms and then declined a third.

What president had 3 terms in office?

To my knowledge, no president had 3. Franklin D. Roosevelt had 4! Actually Franklin D. Roosevelt only served 3 terms in essence. He was president for 12 years and won 3 elections back to back to back. He was the first 3-peat!

President who served 3 consecutive terms?

FDR and the result was the term limits of 2 terms for a total of 8 years.

How many terms did president bush sever?

President Bush served 2 terms.

President to serve most terms?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He served 3 full terms and part of a fourth before his death.

Was there an president that served 3 tems?

In America, Franklin D. Roosevelt served 4 terms in office, but died early in his 4th term.

What year did James Monroe became president and how many terms did he serve?

The years were 3/4/1817-3/4/1825. He served for 2 terms.

What president served two terms with no vetoes?

Thomas Jefferson served two terms without a veto.

Which president during 1819 served two terms?

James Monroe served two terms, from 1817 to 1825.

What is the president's name that had only 4-terms?

The president who served four terms was Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was elected president in 1932 and served until his death in 1945.

How many terms did george washingtonserve as president of the us?

He served two terms as president, from 1789-1797.

What is the most number of terms served by a president?