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Yes there has been a vot of non-confidence in CanadaYes there has been a vot of non-confidence in CanadaYes there has been a vot of non-confidence in Canada

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Q: Has there ever been a vote of non-confidence in Canada?
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What was the minimum age to vote in the l960 presidential elections?

The minimum age for president has been 35 ever since the Constitution was ratified.

Why were women not allowed to vote before 1917 in Canada?

The laws of Canada at that time allowed "people" living in Canada to vote, but the legal definition of "people" excluded children (under age 21), mental patients, jailed prisoners, and women.

How many years did it take for aboriginals get the right to vote?

In Canada, Aboriginal people gained the right to vote without losing their status in 1960. Before then, if an Aboriginal person wanted to vote, they would have to forfeit their status as an Aboriginal.

Why were the first nations not allowed to vote?

because no one ever formed a democratic government the beleived in monarchys and some had dictatorships so they had no need to vote because they didnt need to vote for anything

The does not require a to vote for the candidate favored by the vote in his state?

The Electoral College. The President of the United States is not elected by the voters of the USA. The President is elected by members of the Electoral College. When we vote for President, we're actually voting for ELECTORS, who are pledged to vote for the winner of the nominee. However, there is no requirement that an elector must vote for the person he's supposed to represent. People who do not vote they way they are supposed to are called "faithless electors", and there have been several dozen over the 230-year history of the USA. Fortunately, no "faithless elector" has ever made the difference in the results of the election.

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When did blacks get the right to vote in Canada?

There has been discrimaination, much of it, in who has & has not had the rights to vote in UK, but it has never at anytime been based on anyones skin colour. So if you had a vote it has never been based on whether or not you are not white.

HAS a presidential election ever been decided by one vote?


What 2 groups in the past have not been able to vote in Canada?

Women and First Nations.

Who was the first president to allow catholics to vote?

Catholic men have been allowed to vote ever since the US began.

Does Canada have free vote?

Yes Canada is a democracy.

Was there ever a time in our country when a vote was taken as to what our official language would be?

No. It has always been English.

Who can vote about the laws?

Everyone 18 and above can vote in Canada

When did black people get the right to vote in Canada?

Black men were given the right to vote in the nation of Canada in 1837. Black women did not get the full right to vote until 1960.

Did Justin Bieber vote for Barack Obama as president or did he want to?

He is from Canada, so he didnt vote and he is to young to vote.

Does the governor general of Canada vote?

The only Canadians who may not cast a vote are the Chief Electoral Officer (as per s. 4(a) of the Canada Elections Act), and the Assistant Chief Electoral Officer (as per s. 4(b) of the Canada Elections Act). Therefore, the Governor General of Canada has the legal right to vote. However, just as Her Majesty the Queen does not vote in Her Majesty's oldest realm, the United Kingdom, the Governor General of Canada does not cast a vote so as to stay non-partisan.

What language lost by one vote to become the official language of America?

No such thing ever happened. It's a myth. No language has ever been voted "the official language" of the United States.

How does a US citizen living in Canada register to vote?

my parents are both u.s. citizens and would like to register to vote for the state of Michigan. They are currently living with me here in Canada and are landing immagrents of Canada