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No US president died from syphilis.
Two presidents (George Washington being one) were questioned with this, but both accusations were proved false.

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No, None were ever diagnosed with syphilis by a doctor.

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Q: Have any of the former presidents of the United States died of syphilis?
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Do any former presidents live in Rhode Island?

As of September 2014, there are no living former presidents that live in Rhode Island. A couple of the former presidents live in Texas and New York.

Presidential Reconstruction aimed to pardon anyone in the former Confederate States who would?

swear an oath of loyalty to the United States.

How many presidents are collecting pensions?

At this time (winter 2017), there are five living former U. S. Presidents.

Former Lt Colonel in the rough Rider Regiment?

Former President Theodore Roosevelt was the Lieutenant-Colonel of the Rough Riders. This is the popular name of the First United States Volunteer Cavalry.

Why is former presidents are still called president?

Former presidents are not called "Mr. President" - at least, not by those who remember their history. Despite what you might see in the popular media, the correct form of address for a former president of the United States is to use the title of the highest post that he held before becoming president. This courtesy was established by George Washington; the only exceptions to this rule are for former presidents that go on to hold other posts after their administration has ended (Taylor, who became a Senator, and Taft, who became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court). Thus, William Clinton should be addressed as "Gov. Clinton", as he was governor of Arkansas. G. H. W. Bush should be "Ambassador Bush", as he was ambassador to the UN. G. W. Bush should be "Gov. Bush", for his term in Texas. And President Obama will become "Senator Obama" once he leaves office.

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How many presidents were soldiers before election?

Many of the former Presidents of the United States have served in one way or another as a man in uniform for the United States. A total of 31 Presidents were soldiers before taking office, ranging from Privates to General of Armies.

Does presidents grown children receive secret service protection?

United States Secret Service Protection remains a key mission of the United States Secret Service. Children of former presidents until age 16; Visiting heads of foreign states

Why are the faces boys and not girls on Mount Rushmore?

The faces on Mount Rushmore are those of former presidents, and to date (January 2016) there have been no female presidents of the United States.

Did George Walker Bush's siblings become presidents?

No. He and his Father were the only two in his family to become United States Presidents. However, his brother Jeb is a former governor of Florida.

What Presidents went to FaySchool?

No United States presidents attended Fay School. Some of Fay School's notable alumni include actors Topher Grace and Peter Fonda, boxer George Foreman III, as well Robert Daniel, former United States Representative from Virginia.

How could Democrats stop the presidents?

Difficult question. "democrats" are, of course, those who believe in democratic principles in governing. ("Democrats" being members of the Democratic Party.) And "presidents" is the plural of the term president. There are presidents all over the place; from local civic clubs up to national organizations. The current President of the United States is never plural, unless you are speaking of all of the former presidents of the United States. When speaking of The President of the United States typically "President" is capitalized. As in: "The President is flying to Europe for a conference." The current President of the United States is a Democrat. Of the four living former presidents of the United States, two are Republicans and two are Democrats. (Carter, Bush, Clinton, Bush II) Interpreting your question in a more free-form fashion as "How could the Democrats stop the President?" Brings one to the realization that the questioner does not fully comprehend the basics of the American democracy.

Which of the first presidents of the United States were federalists?

The only former U.S. President who ran as a member of the Federalist Party was John Adams.

How often are prsidents eleted?

Presidents in the United States are elected every four years.

When was United States Association of Former Members of Congress created?

United States Association of Former Members of Congress was created in 1970.

Which United States President graduated from University of California Berkeley?

As of June 2014, none of the Presidents of the United States graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. Jerry Brown, the governor of California, graduated from UC Berkeley, as did former Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara.

What is Powell?

Colin Powell is a former Secretary of State for the United States. He is also a former 4 star general with the United States Army.

Las Vegas is the village of Richard Nixon former president of America?

The White House in Washington, D.C. of the official residence of United States Presidents, and their families, during their term of office.